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Dear friends and family,

As some of you may know The Bletchley, Lollipop's new immersive cocktail bar in Chelsea, is opening on the 17th of March.

Having the first month sold out and a much awaited opening, I am hosting two days of friends and family dry test runs on the 14th and 15th of March ahead of the official public launch. 

It would be my pleasure if you could join me and experience The Bletchley to give feedback and help us improve the experience before the door to this secret bunker room from the times of wars opens to the public. 

Please reserve your place and don't be shy to dress up in the spirit of Alan Turing and Sherlock Holmes, two much celebrated humans this cocktail experience is influenced by. 

Every patron gets 2 hours in the bar and 3 drinks on the house. 

Location and other details will be sent to you in an email. 

Thank you and I look forward to welcoming you all. 

Sebastian Lyall Founder, Lollipop

Sebastian Lyall

Founder, Lollipop