The story starts with you

Dear friends, 

It would be my pleasure if you could join me and experience The Bletchley, Lollipop's new immersive cocktail bar in Chelsea, ahead of its official public opening. 

Having the first month almost sold out and a much awaited opening, the press night is scheduled for Thursday, 16th of March 2017. 

You are more than welcome to bring any equipment needed to cover the opening night.

The session lasts 2 hours which includes the use of Enigma machines, odour tests and radio networks to create a truly personalised cocktail experience. 

Please reserve your spot using the widget on the right or below, depending on which device you are viewing this page.

 Thank you and I look forward to welcoming you all. 

The Bletchley, 459 King's Road, SW10

Sebastian Lyall  Founder, Lollipop

Sebastian Lyall

Founder, Lollipop